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Six Lethargies Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Keaton Henson

Release Date: 08 November 2019

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Mercury KX


Keaton Henson Six Lethargies Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


A truly unique artist, the UK based musician/composer is also a gifted visual artist and poet. He’s released a number of indie/pop rock albums which have enjoyed both critical and commercial
Mercury KX has now exclusively signed him for his beautiful classical output!
His upcoming album is a turbulent yet calm orchestral score, performed by the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and will be released digitally, on CD and vinyl designed by Keaton himself.

Featured Tracks:

1. Initium
2. The Falling
3. Trauma_In Chao
4. Unease Concerto Cadenza
5. Unease Concerto
6. Lament
7. Breathing Out

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