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Sittin' Heavy Limited Red Vinyl 2LP Set + Download


Release Date: 19 February 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Mascot


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MONSTER TRUCK Sittin' Heavy Limited Red Vinyl 2LP Set + Download

Monster Truck doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Hailing from industrial Hamilton, Ontario, also known by nicknames The Hammer, Steel Town and Ambitious City, they are a blue collar working man’s rock band that get their hands dirty. Sittin’ Heavy says as much in those two words as any page-long bio. Monster Truck hasn’t swerved from what fans come to expect of them. The name just embodies everything they are and invites a sense of community. This isn’t music for hipsters or someone with a special understanding of a scene: “It’s that kind of simplicity from the sound to the name to the imagery, the thing is that anyone can help out with it because they get it. Even the newest fan that is getting involved with the band for the first time, they know what our package should sound like and what kind of t-shirts we should have. Everyone gets it.” Produced by Ratz at Vespa Studios and Revolution Recording in Toronto and Monster Truck’s new jam-space studio, Sittin’ Heavy charges out of the gate with the lead track “Why Are You Not Rocking?” The song says it all - it’s a celebration for fans that come out to concerts in all sorts of weather and circumstances to just rock out and have a good time. And that’s essentially what Monster Truck has also been doing for the past six years. Always writing, the guys demoed in their new studio, sending the tracks to Ratz for his feedback before starting to record album number two with him. They took a break from recording in May 2015 to support Nickelback in Australia, testing out some of the new songs on a brand new audience, before completing this new record.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Why Are You Not Rocking?
2. Don't Tell Me How To Live
3. She's a Witch
4. For The People
5. Black Forest
6. Another Man's Shoes
7. Things Get Better
8. The Enforcer

Disc: 2
1. To The Flame
2. Midnight
3. New Soul
4. Enjoy the Time

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