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Silent Ascent Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Downliners Sekt

Release Date: 07 April 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: InFine


Downliners Sekt Silent Ascent Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

· Downliners Sekt are one of the most pleasant and intriguing surprises of Barcelona’s increasingly in-the-spotlight electronic scene.
· The duo’s sound references the science of Autechre, the
ghostly echoes of Rhythm & Sound’s Burial Mix series, even
shards of melted My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze.
· Their reputation amongst the international electronic music scene was significantly heightened with their 2010 - 2011 trilogy of EPs ‘Hello Lonely, Hold The Nation’, ‘We Make Hits, Not The Public’ and ‘Meet The Decline’ on Barcelona’s Disboot label and their InFiné ‘Trim / Tab’ and ‘Balt Shakt’ EPs.
· Mastered by Berlin sorcerer Rashad Becker, their third album ‘Silent Ascent’ is Downliners Sekt’s most defined sonic statement to date - a fractured hymn to the dancefloor and the sounds that move it.
· What the critics have been saying: “Downliners Sekt are
murkier, more melancholy side of dance music on the title track here, with mournful organ-like tones and a beat that retains its presence without becoming overly forceful” - Pitchfork
· “A subtle tune with a dark mist that gracefully layers over an eclectic variety of stark elements” - XLR8R
· “Blending Burial’s half-heard vocal snatches with Mount
Kimbie’s organic nu-gaze textures, Downliners Sekt have
emerged with something charming and perfectly realized, and it certainly bodes well for the eventual full-length” - FACT
· “It winds its way around electronic music genre distinctions and strangles them, combining washes, beats, and hushed vocals into a Four Tet (circa ‘There Is Love In You’) meets Aidan Baker slurry of aural goodness” - Prefix Mag.

Featured Tracks:
1. Soul Débris
2. Silent Ascent
3. This American Life
4. Hors Phase
5. Balt Shakt I
6. Eiger Dreams
7. Reversal
8. Junior High
9. Etern
10. Balt Shakt II
11. Once Mercurial
12. Give Him Your Heart