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Shadowhead Limited RSD 2020 Purple 180gram Vinyl LP

by Marc Bolan & T. Rex

Release Date: 29 August 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: RSD


Marc Bolan & T. Rex Shadowhead Limited RSD 2020 Purple 180gram Vinyl LP


Marc Bolan’s passions included the blues, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, hard rock and disco-soul, and his intent to explore these genres are all visited on this collection of classic album tracks and singles. His influences – Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton/Cream and Bob Dylan are all apparent amongst the material on Shadowhead, but the music here is unique. Bolan’s creative fire produced a phenomenal catalogue of work: the material on this album was recorded over five years (1972 – 1976), in seven studios, in five countries.

This record provides insights into Bolan’s creative process whilst keeping the essence of the music in its classic form. Shadowhead showcases the development of tracks such as Precious Star and Groove A Little, and a track that made its public debut on the CD release, Blues Jam (Dreamy Lady Session). Other tracks reveal many of the instruments and sounds from the master tapes to enable the working processes to be more clearly understood.

This release marks the first time that this collection has been issued on vinyl.

Featured Tracks:

Midnight [master version]
Rapids [working version]
Hang-Ups [master version]
Do You Wanna Dance [master version]
Baby Boomerang [master version]
Truck On (Tyke) [master version]
Blues Jam [Dreamy Lady Session] [jam]
London Boys [master version]
Lady [master version]
Buick Mackane [master version]
Stand By Me [working version]
Precious Star [working version]
Fast Blues (Easy Action) [master version]
Dreamy Lady [master version]
All My Love [working version]

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