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Schizophrenic Psychedelia Limited Vinyl LP

by The Idle Race

Release Date: 06 October 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Run Out Groove


The Idle Race Schizophrenic Psychedelia Limited Vinyl LP

Featured Tracks:

A1 (Here We Go) Round The Lemon Tree 2:45
A2 My Father's Son 2:15
A3 Impostors of Life's Magazine 2:21
A4 Sitting In My Tree 2:50
A5 The Skeleton And The Roundabout 2:15
A6 Knocking Nails Into My House 2:27
A7 End Of The Road 2:05
A8 Morning Sunshine 2:45
A9 Days Of The Broken Arrows 3:51

B1 Worn Red Carpet 3:04
B2 Neanderthal Man 3:57
B3 Victim Of Circumstance 3:36
B4 In The Summertime 2:58
B5 Told You Twice 3:38
B6 Lucky Man (Alternate Take) 2:36
B7 Follow Me Follow (Alternate Take) 1:56

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