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Ronroco Limited Vinyl LP

by Gustavo Santaolalla

Release Date: 26 January 2024

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Nonesuch


Gustavo Santaolalla Ronroco Limited Vinyl LP


‘Gustavo Santaolalla has a gift for capturing moments and, more importantly, feelings that are hard to put into words.’ – NPR

A remastered edition of Grammy and Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla’s beloved and critically acclaimed 1998 album Ronroco is available for the first time on vinyl via Nonesuch Records. The singer, composer, and producer’s classic album comprises twelve original tunes inspired by traditional Argentinean music and influenced by music of Japan, Africa, and eastern Europe. The record takes its name from the ronroco, a South American stringed instrument. “I’ve been playing this instrument since I was a kid, collecting songs and thoughts about this record for a long time,” Santaolalla said. “The idea was to make a non-traditional album, a sonic landscape

Featured Tracks:

1 Way Up
2 Gaucho
3 Atacama
4 Coyita
5 Jardin
6 De Ushuaia a La Quiaca
7 Zenda
8 Lela
9 Iguazú
10 Pampa
11 Del Pago
12 La Vuelta

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