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Riff Hard Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 20 May 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: LAME-O


THIN LIPS Riff Hard Limited Vinyl LP

Philadelphia’s Thin Lips is the new brain heart baby of Chrissy Tashjian (ex-Dangerous Ponies), Kyle Pulley (ex-Dangerous Ponies) and Mikey Tashjian (also of The Superweaks). Their debut EP Divorce Year was released in 2015, giving us a sweet blend of indie rock guitar riffs and punk rock energy. Since the EP’s release, the band’s joined both indie rock darlings Hop Along and the pop-hook filled Cayetana on tour. Their first full length record will come to Lame-O Records this Spring and it will, just as it’s tattooed on Chrissy’s knuckles “Riff Hard.”

Featured Tracks:
Never Again 02:35
Total Seperation
My Mouth Is Skinned Like An Apple
No Obituary
What's Wrong
I Wonder
Andy Weed
Breaking Up And Breaking Down