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Retribution Therapy Limited Red 180gram Vinyl LP

by Nine Shrines

Release Date: 26 April 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Mascot Records


Nine Shrines Retribution Therapy Limited Red 180gram Vinyl LP


Cleveland, Ohio quintet NINE SHRINES arose on the scene in 2014 from the ashes of aggressive 00’s Ohio band pedigree: drummer Andrew Wetzel (Attack Attack!), bassist Devon Voisine and lead guitarist Andrew Baylis, (Life on Repeat), rhythm guitarist Even McKeever (Downplay), and singer Chris Parketny (Strangers to Wolves). Nine Shrines grew from their previous efforts to build something powerful. Their new album, Retribution Therapy, sees a band truly coming into their own. Nine Shrines blend the most extreme elements of active-rock/metal-core with well-crafted, melodic songwriting. Sharing the stage with Volbeat, Halestorm, Chimaira, Shinedown, All That Remains, and Nonpoint made waves nationwide. It’s all given rise to the intensity of Retribution Therapy. Retribution Therapy was produced by Dan Korneff (My Chemical Romance,I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, All that Remains, Papa Roach).

Featured Tracks:

Side: 1

1. Nimrod
2. Retribution Therapy
3. Chain Reaction
4. Ringworm
5. Happy Happy
6. Dead

Side: 2

1. Hymn
2. Conjure
3. Pretty Little Psycho
4. Ghost
5. Sick Like Me
6. Counterfeit