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Retaliation Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 26 October 2018

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Listenable Records


Carnivore Retaliation Limited Edition Vinyl 2LP Set


CARNIVORE is an American crossover / thrash metal band from Brooklyn, New York founded by singer and bassist Peter Steele, and was formed out of the breakup of the Brooklyn metal group FALLOUT in 1982. The first CARNIVORE album was heavily influenced by the contemporary New York metal scene. It also drew inspiration from BLACK SABBATH and early JUDAS PRIEST, whereas the second album had significant crossover influences. The "post-apocalyptic" theme that dominated the first album and was carried onto parts of the second album was apparently inspired by a dream Pete Steele had and which became the basis for the lyrics of "Predator", the first song from the original album. The lyrical theme was then expanded on to describe human society ( or the lack of one ) between imaginary World Wars III, IV and possibly V (as referenced in the song "World Wars III & IV"). Other lyrical themes included nihilism, anti-religious sentiment, cynicism, and explicit but tongue-in-cheek depictions of gore and despair. Song titles such as "Jesus Hitler", "Race War", "Thermonuclear Warrior" and "God is Dead" reflect these themes. In August 2017, it was announced that CARNIVORE would officially be reformed as CARNIVORE A.D., featuring original drummer Louie Beato and guitarist Marc Piovanetti along with secondary drummer Joe Branciforte sharing drum duties and also introducing new member Baron Misuraca as the bassist/vocalist. The band then made their live festival debut at the 2018 edition of Hellfest.
Now available again in Deluxe exclusive Limited edition 2LP vinyl and Digipack with no less than 3 bonus tracks ! ESSENTIAL CLASSIC !

Featured Tracks:

1. Jack Daniel's and Pizza
2. Angry Neurotic Catholics
3. S.M.D.
4. Ground Zero Brooklyn
5. Race War
6. Inner Conflict
7. Jesus Hitler
8. Technophobia
9. Manic Depression
10. USA for USA
11. Five Billion Dead
12. Sex and Violence
13. World Wars III and IV - Bonus Track
14. Carnivore