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Renaud Limited Vinyl LP

by Renaud

Release Date: 08 April 2016

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Warner Jazz


Renaud Self Titled Limited Vinyl LP

French folk-rock icon Renaud was the poet laureate of the urban Paris experience, illuminating the dark underbelly of the City of Light via the street-smart, politically charged slang later embraced by the hip-hop generation. A poor student with a decided anti-authority streak, Renaud was passionate about politics from an early age, and was an active participant in the landmark student revolts of May 1968. Songs like "Société Tu M'auras Pas" enshrined Renaud as the voice of Paris. Renaud is his first studio album since 2009.

Featured Tracks:
A1 Amoureux De Paname 2:32
A2 Société Tu M'Auras Pas 2:30
A3 Petite Fille Des Sombres Rues 2:30
A4 La Java Sans Joie 3:49
A5 Gueule D'Aminche 4:19
A6 La Coupole 1:45

B1 Hexagone 5:30
B2 Ecoutez-Moi Les Gavroches 3:28
B3 Rita (Chanson D'Amour) 0:36
B4 Camarade Bourgeois 2:23
B5 Le Gringalet 2:21
B6 La Menthe A L'Eau 2:42
B7 Greta 2:03