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REAL Limited Coloured Vinyl LP

by The Word Alive

Release Date: 23 June 2014

Format: LP Vinyl



The Word Alive REAL Limited Coloured Vinyl LP

American metalcore band The Word Alive have sold 100,000 albums and 200,000 tracks to date. This is their third album.
Drummer Luke Holland is a star of the drumming internet community with 200,000 subscribers to his channel and over 30,000,000 views.
For fans of Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria and Killswitch Engage.
LP pressed on coloured vinyl.

Featured Tracks:
1. Play the Victim
2. Never Forget
3. Broken Circuit
4. Light House
5. The Fortune Teller
6. Glass Castle
7. 94th St.
8. Your Mirage
9. Terminal
10. The Runaway
11. To Struggle and Claw My Way
12. Collapsing