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Quick Step & Side Kick Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set

by Thompson Twins

Release Date: 01 April 2016

Format: LP Double Vinyl


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Thompson Twins Quick Step & Side Kick Limited 180gram Vinyl 2LP Set

Remastered and pressed on two 180g vinyls this special TWO DISC EDITION has newly designed inner bags and exclusive sleeve notes written by Tom Bailey. Originally released in February 1983, Quick Step & Side Kick was the bands first album as a trimmed down trio of Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway. Produced by Alex Sadkin the album was recorded at Island Records Chris Blackwells Compass point Studio's in the Bahamas. Grace Jones a frequent user of the studios makes a guest appearance on the track 'Watching', though her vocals were not in the final mix used as the single version. The album was released in numerous versions across the World and the cassette version of the UK Editions featured a host of extra 12inch mixes. Included as a bonus disc in this edition we have 6 bonus mixes including 'Love Lies Fierce' (Dub remix of 'Love Lies Bleeding'), 'No Talking' (Dub mix of 'Lies') and 'Rap Boy Rap' the original 12inch version of 'Love of Your Side' The album contains four singles' 'Lies' a No1 USA Dance hit and the two Top 10 UK hits 'Love On Your Side' and 'We Are Detective'. "Watching' the final single from the album reached 33 in the UK chart. The band took their name from two characters in Belgian cartoonist Herge's comic strip 'The Adventures of Tintin'. Thomson and Thomp- son were two incompetent detectives who though not related looked identical save for different shaped moustaches. With a fluid line up which at times reached upto 7 members on stage, a change in musical direction took Tom Bailey, Alannah Curry and Joe Leway in a more mainstream direction than those of the early days of the first two albums; A Product of...(Participation) and Set which where were far more experimental, than Quick Step or anything that followed. Chart success in the UK and Europe and in the USA soon followed and set the band on what proved to be their most successful global selling period.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. Love Lies Fierce
2. Lies
3. If You Were Here
4. Judy Do
5. Tears

Disc: 2
1. (Long) Beach Culture
2. We Are Detective
3. (Dub) Lies
4. Love Lies Bleeding
5. All Fall Out

Disc: 3
1. Love on Your Side (Rap Boy Rap)
2. Frozen in Time
3. Fallen Out

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