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Punish, Honey Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Vessel

Release Date: 15 September 2014

Format: LP Double Vinyl



Vessel Punish, Honey Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

· ‘Punish, Honey’, the follow up to Vessel’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Order Of Noise’, finds the always
unpredictable Bristol-based producer continuing to
challenge himself and listeners alike.
· Wishing to move away from working with archetypal
electronic sounds, with ‘Punish, Honey’ Vessel sought to
create something that felt more organic, even if the sounds themselves didn’t always feel inherently organic.
That lessening interest in electronic sounds was concurrent
with a burgeoning interest in natural sounds, in particular
how the physical body has a direct effect on the nature of
the sound, whether it be harsh or pure, messy, violent,
seductive, or strange.
· Using sheets of metal as percussion, sawing up bikes to
make flutes and creating harmonic guitars all by his own
hand, Vessel created his own set of crude instrumentation
exclusively for this record.
· Combined with an interest in notions of national identity - Vessel asking himself the question “What does ‘Englishness’ in music really mean?” - ‘Punish, Honey’ is an
uncompromising and dizzying experience. Traversing the queasy glam stomp of ‘Red Sex’, the chugging, cinematic
soundscapes of ‘Anima’ and the medieval industrial tones
of ‘Euoi’, ‘Punish, Honey’ is the by product of an artist
striving to create his own unique lane.

Featured Tracks:
1. Febrile
2. Red Sex
3. Drowned in Water and Light
4. Euoi
5. Anima
6. Black Leaves and Fallen Branches
7. Kin to Coal
8. Punish, Honey
9. DPM