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Presentation Reel 1985 (Instrumentals)/Octabred Limited Vinyl LP

by Suzanne Ciani/Clone

Release Date: 07 April 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Finders Keepers Records


Suzanne Ciani/Clone Logo Presentation Reel 1985 (Instrumentals)/Octabred Limited Vinyl LP

∑ A very special Disposable Music edition comprising two programmes of lost early 80s North American synthesiser music from American / Italian Buchla pioneer Suzanne
Ciani and Alaskaís only dedicated electronic collective Clone.
∑ Comprising of instrumental versions of Cianiís much coveted cassette-only electronic advertising portfolio (featuring Atari music and power tool jingles) alongside a Clone archive of exclusive Anchorage one-off radio synth sessions and theme tunes, this release represents another Disposable Music milestone, bringing lost embryonic electro and proto-synth pop from a place beyond the outskirts of the oblivious record industry.
∑ Quite possibly one Finders Keepersí most requested releases on any format and one of the labelís proudest vault digging moments to date, Suzanne Cianiís original cassette portfolio of electronic advertisement music harboured some of her most radical and uninhibited experiments, unconsciously redefining synth pop and electro from behind American TV screens whilst totally evading the radar of the record industry. These commissions originally made for companies such as Atari, a major power tool firm, soft drinks companies and printed publications, provided a new
canvas and challenging directive for Suzanne, who would deploy her maverick expertise with some of the most experimental electronic instruments and forward thinking visual / sound artists. As one of the only female composers in the global advertising industry, Cianiís results represented a small sound revolution in the world of production music forging deep nostalgic memories of the would-be electronic music generation in its wide eyed infancy.
∑ Finally for their precious Disposable Music series, Finders Keepers are now able to present these originally truncated TV and radio recordings in their full-length forms
mastered from original tapes, including much coveted instrumental versions.
Including 15 tracks in total, these original recordings are presented here in a new wider musical context as pieces of early synth based pop music, designed specifically for widespread commercial consumption whilst retaining veritable maverick integrity an attribute that quickly diminished at the hand of less adventurous, less sensitive and more complacent production music composers.

Featured Tracks:
Disc: 1
1. AT&T Logo - Suzanne Ciani
2. Slo-mow - Suzanne Ciani
3. Hot Streak - Suzanne Ciani
4. Mercury - Suzanne Ciani
5. ABC Logo - Suzanne Ciani
6. Pouring - Suzanne Ciani
7. Red Hot - Suzanne Ciani
8. Clean Room - Suzanne Ciani
9. B&D Logo - Suzanne Ciani
10. The Vanishing Bottle - Suzanne Ciani
11. Atari Summer - Suzanne Ciani
12. Time - Suzanne Ciani
13. Discover - Suzanne Ciani
14. Prince Tennis - Suzanne Ciani
15. Eclipse - Suzanne Ciani

Disc: 2
1. Becomes a Loner - Clone
2. Octabred - Clone
3. Instrumental - Clone
4. Harpbirds - Clone
5. Becomes a Friend - Clone
6. Tape 38 - Clone
7. Clone Meets Octabred - Clone
8. Harpbirds 2 - Clone
9. Octabred at the End - Clone