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Preparations Limited Vinyl LP

by Fis

Release Date: 18 November 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Tri Angle Records


Fis Preparations Limited Vinyl LP

· ‘Preparations’ is the first record to be released on Tri Angle by Fis. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Fis has steadily been building a name for himself on the underground as a producer to keep an eye on.
· Having already put out a number of very limited edition and very well received releases through a handful of drum & bass oriented labels, ‘Preparations’ finds Fis at a point in his musicmaking career where he’s ready to be introduced to a wider audience and confirm why websites like Resident Advisor have said things like: “A producer that has suddenly appeared, rather fully-formed, doing something completely
individual, sounding like absolutely no one else.”
· It’s difficult to explain exactly what Fis sounds like.
Drawing upon a rich history of New Zealand customs and periods of heavy meditation for inspiration, Fis’ tracks have the ability tocompletely disorientate and absorb the listener, creating rhythms that constantly seem to be
cannibalizing one another.
· ‘Preparations’ feels forward thinking in the extreme
and yet entirely elemental and strangely ancient.

Featured Tracks:
Magister Nunns
DMT Usher
Mildew Swoosh
CE Visions