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Player, Piano Limited Vinyl LP

by Daniel Lanois

Release Date: 23 September 2022

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Modern


Daniel Lanois Player, Piano Limited Vinyl LP


Each song here is a portal, an invitation to lose yourself in the moment and disappear into a world of imagination and memory. Lanois recorded the entire collection himself, capturing a series of gentle, exotic piano performances at his studio in Toronto with the help of co-producer Dangerous Wayne Lorenz, and the results are both intimate and expansive all at once. Melodies unfold slowly with patience and grace; ethereal arrangements drift around them like fog rolling through the mountains. More than just an album, Player, Piano is a gateway into a cinematic sonic universe full of mystery and wonder, a place where the lines between reality and fantasy blur and deep truths and desires reveal themselves in profound and unexpected ways.

Featured Tracks:

1 My All
2 Lighthouse
3 Inverness
4 Parade
5 Twilight
6 Puebla
7 Eau
8 Zsa Zsa
9 Clinch
10 Sweet Imagination
11 Wild Child
12 Cascade
13 Sunday Asylum

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