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Pieces Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

by Matt Simons

Release Date: 01 June 2013

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Music On Vinyl

£16.99 £9.99

Matt Simons Pieces Limited 180gram Audiophile LP

Currently riding high in multiple iTunes Download Charts, Matt Simons’ is climbing to stardom. Inspired by a variety of artists ranging from Brian Wilson to Stevie Wonder, singer/songwriter/pianist Matt Simons has pushed himself to grow beyond those influences to find his own voice and create his own sound. Often compared to Jamie Cullum, John Mayer and Adam Levine, Matt Simons also infuses his piano based pop-rock with hints of jazz and R&B.

His first full-length album Pieces is a collection of melancholic yet uplifting songs mixed with the modern, yet timeless production of Nashville engineer/producer Stephen Gause. The album continues to demonstrate Simons’ abilities as a musician and a writer as he seamlessly shifts gears between songs.

With its catchy melodies and relatable themes, Pieces maintains an inventive sound while appealing to a wide range of audiences. The Music On Vinyl release of Pieces comes with luxury embossed artwork, lyric sheet and download card.

• BRAND NEW 2013 release with download card!
• 180 gram audiophile vinyl
• Lyric sheet
• Luxe embossed UV spot sleeve

Featured Tracks:
Side One:
Emotionally Involved
Let Me Go On
With You

Side Two:
Miss You More
Best Years
I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Fall In Line (Live)
Pieces (Acoustic)

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