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Phantom Amour Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Toothgrinder

Release Date: 10 November 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


Toothgrinder Phantom Amour Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

"Social Stats: Facebook – 16k, Instagram - 4k, Twitter – 1.3k. When nothing is off limits, you can reach your full potential. Toothgrinder realized this fact while making their 2017 full-length, Phantom Amour [Spinefarm Records]. While retaining the slippery schizophrenic spirit that turned them into a critical favorite on 2015’s Nocturnal Masquerade, the New Jersey quintet—Justin Matthews [vocals], Jason Goss [guitar], Matt Arensdorf [bass, vocals], Wills Weller [drums], and Johnuel Hasney [guitar]—dramatically augmented their unpredictable creative palette through expanding the grasp on melody, incorporating cinematic electronic flourishes, and even going acoustic, to name a few evolutions. As hypnotic as they are heavy, these thirteen tracks signify “progress” through and through. “Everybody calls us ‘a progressive metal band,’ but I think the most progressive thing you can do is surprise your audience and keep yourself happy,” says Wills. “I feel like that’s exactly what we’re doing here. From jazz and classic rock to metal and experimental, everybody brings different flavors to the table. Then, we pour them into the same pot. That’s Toothgrinder in a nutshell.”

Featured Tracks:
The Shadow
Let It Ride
Phantom Amour
Facing East From a Western Shore

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