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Peace City West (Remix 2021) Limited Vinyl LP

by Steve Cradock

Release Date: 02 April 2021

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Kundalini Music


Steve Cradock Peace City West (Remix 2021) Limited Vinyl LP


Steve spent his youth in various different bands, The Boys and ultimately Ocean Colour Scene
releasing “Moseley Shoals” which sold over a million records. In fact, Steve’s guitar riff from the hit single “The Riverboat Song” was the soundtrack to one of UK’s biggest pop culture phenomenons of its time, TFI Friday hosted by Chris Evans.
Steve began his apprenticeship with Paul Weller as his young side kick guitar player. “Incredible really and we’re still playing music together 28 years later. He’s one of my soul mates for sure, I still get really excited working with him, He’s huge inspiration, it’s a total joy working with him it really is.”
Seven years ago, he was asked to tour with The Specials after Roddy Radiation left the band. He is now a firm live member and thrilled to be playing with them. Steve produced PP Arnold’s comeback album,“The New Adventures of PP Arnold”
Steve has juggled touring, writing, producing and recording with many Artists even DJ’s from time to time and is still as busy as ever. As well as releasing his own solo records, he has put out
music from PP Arnold, Yasmin Kiddle, and Leah Weller.
Steve’s 4th solo album is due for release at the end of 2021. In the meantime He has remixed and
mastered his 3rd solo album “Peace City West” for vinyl and digital release 2nd April 2021.

Featured Tracks:

Side A

1. Last days of the old world
2. The pleasure seekers
3. Finally found my way back home
4. Kites rise up against the wind
5. My scooter sits idle
6. Only look up when your down

Side B

1. Steppin aside
2. Little girl
3. Lay down Your weary Burden
4. I Man
5 .Ring the changes