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Out Of The Garden Limited Vinyl LP

by Tancred

Release Date: 01 April 2016

Format: LP Vinyl



TANCRED Out Of The Garden Limited Vinyl LP

Full-length debut from Tancred. Out of the Garden is a mission statement that underscores the power in power-pop and is punctuated by lyrics as razor-sharp as the hooks. Written over a two-year period during a break from touring, the album’s emphasis on re-defining feminine expectations was shaped by primary songwriter Jess Abbott’s experiences living in Minneapolis and working at a liquor store in a rough part of town. Abbott’s fearlessness to discuss personal topics is referenced in the album’s title, an allusion to exiting Eden and leaving behind all the restrictive cultural norms engrained in the Biblical paradise: tradition, purity, holiness, binary gender, heterosexuality, and the idea that anything is forbidden (especially for women).

Featured Tracks:
1. Bed Case Tancred
2. Joey Tancred
3. Control Me Tancred
4. Not Likely Tancred
5. Pens Tancred
6. The Glow Tancred
7. Swimming Tancred
8. Hang Me Tancred
9. Sell My Head Tancred
10. Poise Tancred
11. Pretty Girls Tancred