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Oklahoma Limited Vinyl LP

by KEB' MO'

Release Date: 14 June 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Spinefarm Records


KEB' MO' Oklahoma Limited Vinyl LP


Guitarist/vocalist Keb' Mo' draws heavily on the old-fashioned country blues style of Robert Johnson while keeping his sound contemporary with touches of soul and folksy storytelling. A skilled frontman as well as an accomplished sideman, he writes much of his own material and has applied his acoustic, electric, and slide guitar skills to jazz- and rock-oriented bands.

"I'm more interested in pleasing myself, and making records that make me feel proud and make me feel like I've done my best. And if other people like it, that's gravy.” states Keb' Mo', assessing his new release Oklahoma, set for release June 14, 2019 on Snakefarm Records.

Indeed, in his quarter-century as a recording artist, the charismatic singer/guitarist/ songwriter and four-time GRAMMY Award winner has consistently made music that reflects his own passions and interests. In the process, he's earned a reputation for his ability to draw upon his bottomless roots-music expertise to make deeply expressive, highly personal music.

That's the case throughout Oklahoma, whose expansive creative vistas reflect the eponymous state's wide-open spaces. With noted musical veteran Colin Linden (The Band, Bruce Cockburn) heading up production duties, the album's 10 tracks encompass Keb' Mo's diverse talents, with the artist delivering some of the most adventurous and personal work of his career.

Overall, Oklahoma—which Keb' has dedicated to his late mother, Lauvella Cole, who passed away in September 2018 at the age of 91—maintains an impressive level of emotional engagement throughout, making it one of his most compelling collections. "I'd been working on a lot of records for other people, so I worried that it might be a weak record because I didn't have my eye on the ball and was spreading myself too thin. But when all was said and done, we found the songs and we got the feeling right, and now I feel really, really proud of it."

Featured Tracks:

1. I Remember You
2. Oklahoma
3. Put A Woman In Charge
4. This Is My Home
5. Dont Throw It Away
6. The Way I
7. Ridin On A Train
8. I Shouldve
9. Cold Outside
10. Beautiful Music

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