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Neon Young Limited Vinyl LP

by Go Dark

Release Date: 18 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Bella Union


Go Dark Neon Young Limited Vinyl LP


Go Dark are out there on the fringes, two lone figures working in the twilight to illuminate the world. 21st century cyber punk that touches on the sickness of modern life, Ashley 'Crash' Gallegos and Adam 'Doseone' Drucker are bound by an incommunicable sense of purpose, the two merging completely on scorched debut album NEON YOUNG. "Go Dark is music for women of my kind, the striving maniac animal," says Crash, "bitches that wear skirts and knives who can go into the woods and track things." Dose adds: "A lot of music is meant to take you to a place you'd rather be, but this is meant to be a score for the way it is." Go Dark emerge from digital ghettos, torn up synths and blunt, punk-edged Brutalism that conjures John Carpenter style visions of futuristic dystopia - except it's happening right here, right now. People like to ask Crash about the source of her ferocious energy. The short answer is Chicago, the city she ran away to at 14, leaving a broken home for friends' couches and artist squats. In time, she'd become an underage bartender, cross-country hitchhiker, and international busker. Settling in Oakland as a painter, poet and resident of the LoBot gallery/warehouse, she quickly met Dose, long after he'd bounced around his own fractured family, weathered the gauntlet of macho battle MCs, and met a cadre of similar rap misfits.

Featured Tracks:

1. The Blade
2. Day Moon
3. Get Out
4. Violetest Red
5. Big Rot
6. Numb
7. Murderous
8. Beautiful Bitch
9. El Barrio
10. The Brand
11. On Gone