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Mystery Hour Limited Vinyl LP

by Pavo Pavo

Release Date: 25 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Bella Union


Pavo Pavo Mystery Hour Limited Vinyl LP


Pavo Pavo is the recording project of Oliver Hill and Eliza Bagg. Mystery Hour, the band's second album, released via Bella Union, is a focused, widescreen development. Channelling the narrative drama of Oliver and Eliza's changing relationship, it is an uncategorizable record that's both maximal and compact, a fever dream filled with cinematic imagery and rooted in acute emotion, written as the two were separating after a six-year relationship. The band have shared a dream-like and uncanny video to the album's title track, directed by Harrison Atkins, which can be viewed HERE. Of the video Oliver says: "Our new record was written after Eliza and I were separating after a six-year relationship. For the title track, we wanted to make a video that introduced us as two characters meditating on relationships from all angles, while matching the romantic melodrama of the orchestra and choir with lots of cinematic action and narrative. John, the 7-foot protagonist of the video, is an angel of love and sex, and serves as a superhuman mascot for the record - he represents the search for intimacy and connection. The human heart tattoo on his neck is the core of his power, and within the tattoo lives us, Pavo Pavo, casting spells and guiding his movements as he makes out with everyone in sight."

Featured Tracks:

1. Mystery Hour
2. Mon Cheri
3. Easy
4. 100 Years
5. Check the Weather
6. Close to Your Ego
7. The Other Half
8. Around Part 1
9. Around Part 2
10. Statue Is a Man Inside
11. Goldenrod