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Music To Draw To: Io Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Kid Koala

Release Date: 25 January 2019

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Arts & Crafts


Kid Koala Ft. Trixie Whitley Music To Draw To: Io Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


Arts & Crafts will release the second entry in Kid Koala's Music To Draw To ambient vocal collaboration series on January 25, 2019 launching with single and pre-order on November 30.

Io features Trixie Whitley singing on and co-writing 6 of the double album's 18 tracks. Io is a sprawling map of electronic and instrumental ambient music all composed and performed by the globally renowned scratch DJ a.k.a. Eric San. The series is set against a wintry backdrop of space travel love stories, with Trixie Whitley's otherworldly blues setting the tone with a moody, heartfelt ambience.

Featured Tracks:

1. Circle of Clouds
2. All For You (ft. Trixie Whitley)
3. Torus
4. Transmission 4
5. Lost at Sea (ft. Trixie Whitley)
6. Shielded
7. Liminality
8. Transmission 5
9. Hera's Song (ft. Trixie Whitley)
10. Transmission 6
11. Allotropic
12. Diamond Heart (ft. Trixie Whitley)
13. Resonance
14. Escape of Io (ft. Trixie Whitley)
15. Emuii
16. Aphelion
17. Look-Back Time (ft. Trixie Whitley)
18. The Moons of Gallileo

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