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Motel In Saginaw Limited Vinyl LP + 7"

by StumpWater

Release Date: 22 February 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Drag City


StumpWater Motel In Saginaw Limited Vinyl LP + 7"


A journey that started with a simple first step resulted in some earth shattering info: STUMPWATER HAD AN UNRELEASED 1973 LP. Yep - and not only that , it's a friggin' concept LP about the characters populating a small town hotel (think Lee Hazlewood's Trouble is a Lonesome Town , but not really) called Motel in Saginaw (a place ol' Mike Nesmith seemed to know too). To say the homespun album was a revelation is putting it lightly - gorgeous tunes about death that'd have Simon and G crying in their cappucinos, creepy Dylan-esque tales that David Blue woulda liked to have written, maudlin hearts of gold in every groove - basically a hazy, sepia-stained song cycle for all the Judy Blue Eyes in the world to get lost in while rollin' a dirtweed joint. The Topanga Canyon-in-thee-midwest boheme coffeehouse has finally come to you via this archival release. The deluxe package includes an inner sleeve with photos and infos, a cracking mastering job by wunderkind Carl Saff and an original (hopefully non-warped) copy of their original private-press single. The complete StumpWater at last! So kick back, take your socks off, drop the needle on this lost classic-to-be, and let yer hair blow in the prairie wind, my dusty denim children.

Featured Tracks:

Disc: 1

1. The Hermit
2. Blind Darkness
3. Romantic Courtship Turns Into Boring Marriage Blues
4. Tired Man
5. Tommy's Song
6. Now That He's Passed Away
7. Tonight
8. Sister of Mine
9. Growing Time
10. Cockrow
11. Frozen Man
12. Motel in Saginaw
13. A Thousand Voices

Disc: 2

1. Watcher's Brawl (7" Version)
2. White Washed Afternoons (7" Version)