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Meltdown Limited Edition Vinyl LP

by The Megatons

Release Date: 24 February 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Trash Wax Records


The Megatons Meltdown Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Trash Wax have dug deep into the archives to bring this quasi-mythical release!

Long before Boz Boorer became Morrisey’s right hand man, he’d already enjoyed fame as the guitarist of The Polecats But in late 1982 he’d joined forces with Rockin’ Lloyd Tripp (The Vibes, The Bugs, The Sting Rays, Blubbery Hellbellys, Zipguns), Bob Martin (The Vibes, Margin Of Sanity) & Gary ‘Gaz Voola’ Boniface (The Vibes, Purple Things, Terminal Cheesecake) to record this (now legendary) session…

Only one tape was thought to have survived over the years but we rescued it and here it is…This is not tepid, Neo-Rockabilly or any of that revival type nonsense...It’s the real deal, primal and primitive Rockabilly that sounds like it was recorded on a speed binge, sometime in the mid-50’s…Truly Awesome !