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Maxinquaye Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

by Tricky

Release Date: 05 October 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: UMC


Tricky Maxinquaye Limited 180gram Vinyl LP

Maxinquaye is the 1995 debut album from Bristolian rapper and producer Tricky. Released in February 1995 to widespread acclaim Maxinquaye would also claim a much coveted Mercury Music Prize nomination. By the end of the year Maxinquaye would be named best record in many of the year end polls by several English publications including NME, Melody Maker and The Wire. Tricky’s - Maxinquaye is reissued with original artwork and pressed onto a 180g vinyl record with a Sound of Vinyl digital download code.

Featured Tracks:
Side 1
1. Overcome
2. Ponderosa
3. Black Steel
4. Hell Is Round The Corner
5. Pumpkin
6. Aftermath

Side 2
1. Abbaon Fat Tracks
2. Brand New You're Retro
3. Suffocated Love
4. You Don't
5. Strugglin'
6. Feed Me

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