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Making a New World Limited Gatefold Transparent Red Vinyl LP

by Field Music

Release Date: 10 January 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Memphis Industries


Field Music Making a New World Limited Gatefold Transparent Red Vinyl LP


'Making a New World' is Field Music's first true concept album. The songs grew from a project the band undertook for the Imperial War Museum. David Brewis from the band commented; 'If the original intention might have been to create a mostly instrumental piece, the research forced and inspired a different approach. These were stories itching to be told'.

Featured Tracks:

Sound Ranging
Coffee Or Wine
Best Kept Garden
I Thought You Were Something Else
Between Nations
A Change Of Heir
Do You Read Me?
From a Dream, Into My Arms
Beyond That Of Courtesy
A Shot To The Arm
A Common Language Pt 1
A Common Language Pt 2
Nikon Pt 1
Nikon Pt 2
If The Wind Blows Towards The Hospital
Only In A Man’s World
Money Is A Memory
An Independent State

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