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Mad Gone Wild Limited Vinyl LP

by Johnossi

Release Date: 11 February 2022

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: BMG Rights Management


Johnossi Mad Gone Wild Limited Vinyl LP


Johnossi’s seventh album ’Mad Gone Wild’ is a pulse-pounding psychodrama and intimate portrait of a man slipping into insanity. For guitarist/vocalist John Engelbert and drummer Ossi Bonde, the making of the album involved tapping into their own interior lives while pushing into the furthest reaches of their imagination; “We wanted to explore the dangers of living in your head too much, and ask questions like: ‘Is there an exact point where you go from sane to insane? What is that point? And aren’t we all insane in one way or another?’”


Singer/guitarist John Engelbert and drummer Ossi Bonde formed Johnossi in their native Stockholm, Sweden, in 2004. After only three shows they landed their first record deal and with the release of their self titled debut album they instantly became one of the most influential contemporary acts in Sweden, winning a Swedish Grammy Award and a huge fanbase with their explosive live shows.

Johnossi have toured extensively through out their career mainly in Scandinavia / Europe but also in the US and Japan, both headlining and as support to other acts like The Hives, Green Day, Lykke Li and The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

Featured Tracks:

1. Give Me the Knife
2. Something = Nothing
3. Yeah Yeah
4. Koala Before the Storm
5. Interlude (Free in Thought)
6. Mad Gone Wild
7. Killer (Slowly Fantasize)
8. Black Hole
9. A Passenger Explicit
10. Wizard of Os
11. Screaming

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