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Mad Gods and Englishmen Limited Vinyl 5LP+DVD/Book/Poster Box Set


Release Date: 19 May 2023

Format: Box Set Vinyl

Label: Noise Records

£99.99 £81.99

Sabbat Mad Gods and Englishmen Limited Vinyl 5LP+DVD/Book/Poster Box Set


If the post-NWOBHM era threw up very little from the UK metal scene that could scare the world, then Sabbat were a shining, scarifying exception. From Nottingham, they were brave enough to ditch the cliches, and try a little experimentation and individuality in a music style that seemed, at that point, to be predicated on the obvious.

After two well received demos, Kerrang! magazine coverage and a session on BBC Radio 1’s, Friday Rock Show they signed to Noise Records where they produced two landmark albums of their unique, Pagan thrash metal; ‘History of A Time To Come’ (1988) and ‘Dreamweaver’ (1988). The writing duo of vocalist and lyricist Martin Walkyier combined with the song-writing prowess of guitarist Andy Sneap (now a producer in his own right and guitarist in Judas Priest) were ahead of their time and created two of the most significant albums of the late 80’s. This box set contains both these seminal studio albums plus a recently found Radio 1 session that preceded them, unavailable since its original broadcast in 1987.

Completing this collection is their historic performance at the Thrashing East Live concert in East Berlin from 1990, just as the iron curtain fell. It’s presented here on DVD for the first time and also as an album of the show which is released in its entirety for the first time, including songs left off the DVD. This is all finished up with a double sided poster and book containing all of Martin Walkyier’s eloquent lyrics from these songs

Featured Tracks:

Disc: 1

1 Intro
2 A Cautionary Tale
3 Hosanna in Excelsis
4 Behind the Crooked Cross
5 Horned Is the Hunter
6 I for an Eye
7 For Those Who Died
8 A Dead Man's Robe
9 The Church Bizarre
10 Hosanna in Excelsis
11 Behind the Crooked Cross
12 I for an Eye
13 For Those Who Died
14 The Church Bizarre

Disc: 2

1 The Beginning of the End (Intro)
2 The Clerical Conspiracy
3 Advent of Insanity
4 Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
5 The Best of Enemies
6 How Have the Mighty Fallen?
7 Wildfire
8 Mythistory
9 Happy Never After (Outro)
10 The Clerical Conspiracy
11 Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?
12 The Best of Enemies

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