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Love Hates What You Become Limited Red Vinyl LP

by Lost Under Heaven

Release Date: 18 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Mute


Lost Under Heaven Love Hates What You Become Limited Red Vinyl LP


Lost Under Heaven are ecstatic to present their new album Love Hates What You Become. The band wrote the album in Ellery James Roberts' native Manchester before traveling to Los Angeles to record with producer John Congleton, known for his Grammy-winning work with St. Vincent, Swans, Explosions in the Sky and Sigur Ros. Congleton introduced the band to Swans drummer Thor Harris, who plays on the record. "We were without a drummer or a real band," explains Ellery. "I just concentrated on writing the songs rather than making a sound. We turned up in LA with that as our starting point, this collection of Guitar & Piano demos that I'd sent through." Those demos included some of the most accomplished song writing of his career to date, such as momentous album closer 'For The Wild'. "I started writing that song years ago almost as a pastiche of trying to write real this rock'n'roll saviour," he reminisces. "The rock'n'roll revolutionary feels such a culturally irrelevant cliche now, we're living in a mechanised world seemingly indifferent to the longings of the human soul." A striking difference from their debut record is the prominence of Ebony's vocals, notable on the album's formidable 'Bunny's Blues'. "Creating this character of Bunny began with a performance piece I did back in Amsterdam," Ebony explains. "She became a playful tool to confront how male-dominated society attempts to control both women and nature without having any real understanding or respect for their being and innate power."

Featured Tracks:

1. Come
2. Bunny’s Blues
3. THe Breath Of Light
4. Most High
5. Black Sun Rising
6. Love Hates What You Become
7. Serenity Says
8. Savage Messiah
9. Post Millenial Tension
10. For The Wild