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LOVE + FEAR Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


Release Date: 26 April 2019

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Atlantic


MARINA LOVE + FEAR Limited Vinyl 2LP Set


MARINA (formally known as Marina and the Diamonds) is an award winning, platinum-selling artist. Revered since her breakthrough in 2009, she has released three UK Top 10 albums to date.

Following a three year hiatus from the music industry, MARINA will release her highly anticipated album ‘LOVE + FEAR’ on 26th April across all platforms.

MARINA used her break as a period of reflection and to rediscover her authentic self, as opposed to the artist and persona (‘and the Diamonds’) she had lived and breathed since signing her record deal at the age of 22. MARINA says of the album ‘‘LOVE is filled with a longing to enjoy life and a desire for unity. FEAR explores subjects that have been a lot harder for me to work through and understand, such as purpose insecurity in love, and major shifts in our social conscience regarding the systematic misogyny and sexual abuse employed by powerful figures in the media. A companion to LOVE, these ideas cross to showcase and explore the polarising sides of human nature’’.

Feb 8th – Handmade Heaven single release / Feb 14th – LOVE + FEAR pre-order announcement & touring announcement (17:00 timed release) / Feb 28th – IG track / Mar 14th – IG Track / April 4th – single launch with video
April 26th – LOVE + FEAR release date

Amassing a staggering 800 million worldwide streams and over 400 million video views, MARINA is a socially engaged spokeswoman. Having given an address at the Oxford Union, MARINA plans to engage in further talks and workshops throughout 2019. MARINA has an unparalleled global fan base and an online following in excess of 6 million.

990 MILLION streams worldwide / 2.1 MILLION album sales worldwide / 550 MILLION views on YouTube
Three UK top 5 albums (over 400K UK albums sold)

Featured Tracks:

Disc: 1

1. Handmade Heaven
2. Superstar
3. Orange Trees
4. Track 4
5. Enjoy Your Life
6. True
7. To Be Human
8. End Of The Earth

Disc: 2

1. Believe In Love
2. Life Is Strange
3. You
4. Karma
5. Emotional Machine
6. Too Afraid
7. No More Suckers
8. Soft To Be Strong