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Let the Fury Rise Limited Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl LP

by Bloodorn

Release Date: 24 May 2024

Format: LP Vinyl



Bloodorn Let the Fury Rise Limited Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl LP


BLOODORN, a new power metal band led by SIRENIA's lead guitarist Nils Courbaron. The band was formed in 2020 during the pandemic. SILENT WINTER vocalist Mike Livas, FREEDOM CALL bassist Francesco Saverio Ferraro and SIRENIA drummer Michael Brush joined the band after hearing the first demos of the album. Influenced by bands such as GAMMA RAY, ANGRA and BEAST IN BLACK, the band also draws on some elements from the extreme metal scene. BLOODORN's music is very fast and technical, sometimes even brutal, but also very melodic and catchy: Extreme Power Metal! The name BLOODORN is a play on words from the Viking torture method "Blôdörn" (better known as "Blood Eagle") and "Blood". In the band's universe, the BLOODORN is like a REAPER - a monster ready to kill and destroy everything in its path. BLOODORN is about the fight against oppression, authority and tyranny, but also about dark gothic fantasy, shadow cults, war, inner strength, honour, Norse mythology and even some video game references. All of these concepts are reinforced by BLOODORN's stateside image and outfits.

Featured Tracks:

Side A

1. Overture χιϛ
2. Fear The Coming Wave
3. Under The Secret Sign
4. Rise Up Again
5. Tonight We Fight !
6. God Won't Come

Side B .

1.Forging The Future (With Our Blades)
2. Let The Fury Rise
3. Six Wounded Wolves
4. Bloodorn
5. Square Hammer