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Legion: It's Always Blue - Songs From Legion Ltd Transparent Blue LP

by Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo

Release Date: 18 January 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Lakeshore Records


Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo Legion: It's Always Blue - Songs From Legion Limited Transparent Blue Vinyl LP


Legion is the story of 'David Haller' (Dan Stevens) a man who believed himself to be schizophrenic only to discover that he may actually be the most powerful mutant the world has ever seen. Legion is set to return to FX for a third season in 2019. It s Always Blue: Songs From Legion features classic songs heard in the series performed by Emmy Award-winning composer Jeff Russo (Fargo, Star Trek: Discovery, Tonic (the band)) and the show s creator Noah Hawley. With Hawley on vocals, and Russo on harmony vocals and playing all other instruments including the Moog IIIc synth, the two reimagine tracks such as Behind Blue Eyes and Don t Come Around Here No More to fit the plot of the show.

Featured Tracks:

1. White Rabbit
2. White Room
3. Burning Down the House
4. Don't Come Around Here No More
5. Change the World
6. Superman
7. Behind Blue Eyes
8. Nothing in This World
9. Cornflake Girl
10. Behind Blue Eyes (Feat. Dan Stevens & Navid Negahban)
11. Road to Nowhere (Feat. Rachel Keller)