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Jewel Box - Rarities & B-Sides Limited Vinyl 3LP Set

by Elton John

Release Date: 13 November 2020

Format: LP Triple Vinyl

Label: UMC / Mercury


Elton John Jewel Box - Rarities & B-Sides Limited Vinyl 3LP Set


This gatefold 3-LP set brings together highlights from the ‘Jewel Box’ 8-CD box set and includes selections of Elton’s much sought-after 1960s and early 1970s demos, never previously released, and a series of Elton’s non-album B-sides.

Featured Tracks:

LP 1

Come Back Baby (Bluesology)
Scarecrow (Piano/Tambourine Demo)
A Dandelion Dies In The Wind (Piano Demo)
Velvet Fountain (Piano Demo)
Get Out Of This Town(Piano/Tambourine Demo)
Countryside Love Affair (Piano Demo)
The Witch's House (Piano Demo)
Year Of The Teddy Bear (Piano Demo)


A Little Love Goes A Long, Long Way (Piano Demo)
Mr. Lightning Strikerman(Piano Demo)
I Couldn't Fall In Love With Anybody Else (Piano Demo)
I Get A Little Bit Lonely (Piano Demo)
Nina (Band Version)
Angel Tree (Piano/Guitar/Tambourine Demo)
Here's To The Next Time (Piano/Tambourine Demo)


Watching The Planes Go By
When The First Tear Shows
Tartan Coloured Lady
When I Was Tealby Abbey
Turn To Me
And The Clock Goes Round
I Can't Go On Living Without You


Regimental Sgt. Zippo (Band Version)
Cry Willow Cry (Band Demo)
Skyline Pigeon (Piano Demo)
Two Of A Kind (Arranged Band Version)
The Girl On Angel Pavement (Arranged Band Version)
Smokestack Children (Arranged Band Version)
There's Still Time For Me(Piano/Guitar/Tambourine Demo)

LP 3

The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca (Piano Demo)
Taking The Sun From My Eyes (Arranged Band Version)
Sing Me No Sad Songs (Band Demo)
Rolling Western Union (Piano Demo)
Amoreena (Piano Demo)
Madman Across The Water (Piano Demo)


Snow Queen
The Retreat
Billy And The Kids
Medicine Man
Peter's Song

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