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Into The Great Unknown Limited Vinyl LP

by H.E.A.T

Release Date: 21 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: earMUSIC

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H.E.A.T Into The Great Unknown Limited Vinyl LP

Following the acclaimed “Address The Nation” and “Tearing Down The Walls”, “Into The Great Unknown” is just that – a journey into the great unknown. Scandinavia’s young classic rock band return with their 5th album. The album takes everything that H.E.A.T is loved for, frontman Erik Grönwall's incredible vocal talent and the band’s traditional approach to melodic rock, and shakes it up. The result is a set of high-quality tracks that bend the genre's boundaries and take it to new heights. H.E.A.T's fifth album is everything but expected, with incorporating some of classic rock's most renowned features and taking them beyond! H.E.A.T have always had a sure feeling for great pop melodies but songs like “Eye Of The Storm”, “Time On Our Side” or “Do You Want It?”, with their catchy melodies and fresh ideas, take their talent to the next level.

Featured Tracks:
1. Bastard of Society
2. Redefined
3. Shit City
4. Time On Our Side
5. Best of the Broken
6. Eye of the Storm
7. Blind Leads the Blind
8. We Rule
9. Do You Want It?
10. Into the Great Unknown