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In Praise of Darkness Limited Vinyl LP

by Shades

Release Date: 07 September 2018

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Universal


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Shades In Praise of Darkness Limited Vinyl LP

Alix Perez (Belgium/UK) and Eprom (USA) are SHADES. As pioneers of the half-time bass music sound, SHADES has grown to become one of the more influential artists in bass heavy dance music. SHADES have developed into something akin to a cult in the 4 years since their inception. They have continued support from Amon Tobin, Claude Von Stroke, Noisia, amongst others. They have toured the US, Europe and Australasia numerous times, and are quickly becoming a headline act. XLR8R “ ….it is music that's not only a legitimate full-frontal assault in the same vein as tunes from that golden era of gluttonous bass and synths, but that embraces that ethos while giving it a more polished feel”

Featured Tracks:
1. Threnody
2. Faultline
3. The Saga
4. Geryon
5. Guillotine
6. Alarma - Featuring Killa P
7. Nullifier
8. Algor Mortis
9. Sickle
10. Kolumbo
11. Chains
12. Back And Forth