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In Hz Limited Vinyl LP

by R. Seiliog

Release Date: 01 December 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Turnstile


R. Seiliog In Hz Limited Vinyl LP

Originating from the pine coned hills of Peniel, North Wales. R.Seiliog is the alias of skewed musician/producer Robin Edwards. Following the warm analog psychedelia of 2012's Shuffles EP, and 2013's Doppler - a wide-eyed homage to Krautrock, prolific outsider Seiliog presents In Hz, an interconnected work of convoluted drone, pulses and Kosmische electronics that tap into woozy flashbacks of 90s house, minimal techno and avant-garde.

Featured Tracks:
Side A:
1. Mt. Essa
2. Velcro For Vortex
3. Cymatic Modes
4. Wow Signal

Side B:
5. Constellation Drip
6. Peripheral Thermal (L)
7. Peripheral Thermal (R)
8. Inertia