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In A Galaxy Limited Pink Vinyl LP

by Rina Mushonga

Release Date: 15 February 2019

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Pias Recordings


Rina Mushonga In A Galaxy Limited Pink Vinyl LP


Having read Metamorphoses for the first time Rina Mushonga's self-confessed year of transformation ensued drawing upon a myriad of ideas and personal experiences. Full of reflections on the cosmos and our place within it, In A Galaxy is the musical embodiment of these musings whilst Mushonga also admits there's more than a passing nod to the opening text on Star Wars, but on the whole refers to how relative space and time are in how we interact - "Earth viewed as part of a galaxy binds us in humanity." In A Galaxy buzzes with an eclecticism that might be traced back to heritage and history of having moving around at various points in her life - having lived in India, Zimbabwe and the Netherlands before settling in London - her father always proudly referred to their family as "global citizens, we belonged everywhere" she explains, further adding; "I loved and identified with that, and it's that genre- hopping that best represents me, how I see things and experience the world." Four years in the making, In A Galaxy is the result of Mushonga filtering out her distractions and relying/focusing on her own ability and instinct. Mushonga recorded the album in her adopted home in South London's Peckham with producer Brett Shaw whilst having laid much of the foundations of the tracks together with musical bestie and synth whisperer Frans Verburg in his Rotterdam basement studio. The resultant cornucopia of intelligent, diverse pop that Mushonga herself describes as sounding like "Paul Simon in a sweaty, African dancehall club" is a welcome introduction to 2019.

Featured Tracks:

1. Pipe Dreamz
2. Good Vacation
3. For a Fool
4. In a Galaxy
5. Narcisc0
6. Tropix
7. Glory...
8. 4qrtrs
9. AtalantA
10. Hey Coach
11. I Miss You So Much
12. Jungles