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I.E.V. : Transmutated nebula remains Limited Vinyl LP


Release Date: 10 November 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Soulseller Records


SPECTRAL HAZE I.E.V. : Transmutated nebula remains Limited Vinyl LP

Spectral Haze was first conjured from the Void three years ago, through four sonick sorcerers residing in Oslo, Norway;
Cëlestial Cöbra (Battery), Döömdogg (Bass guitar), Spacewülff (Vocals, guitars) and Sönik Slöth (Guitars). Through these last few years, Spectral Haze has undulated and grown into channeling through a fifth vessel, namely Electric Starling (Theremin, VOID). The upcoming album "I.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula Remains" follows their eponymous debut EP released in 2012 CE, and brings even more psyched out doom rock rituals.

Featured Tracks:
1. I.E.V. I – Circumambulating Mount Meru
2. Mercurian mantra
3. Black Gandarvas
4. I.E.V. II – Observing the centre of infinity
5. Descent through the intravoidal
6. Triads and trishulas