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Hit The Ground Running Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

by Newton Faulkner

Release Date: 27 October 2017

Format: LP Double Vinyl

Label: Battenberg Records


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Newton Faulkner Hit The Ground Running Limited Vinyl 2LP Set

Featuring his synonymous percussive guitar playing, 'Hit The Ground Running' is minimalistic in approach, but a true melodic force, showcasing a skyscraping falsetto that is up there with the very best. Lyrically uplifting, the track drives home a positive message of triumph over adversity and beating the odds to succeed. Hit The Ground Running marks the British singer-songwriter's sixth studio album, coming just over ten years since releasing his double platinum debut album Hand Built By Robots. Featuring the exuberance of album opener 'Smoked Ice Cream' and 'This Kind Of Love' to the mellow tones of 'All She Needs' and 'Finger Tips' Hit The Ground Running is a bonafide package of musical variety, something that has almost become expected from Faulkner. 'Been Here Before' serves up another fine example of his percussive acoustic pop, whilst 'Never Alone' proves that his ear for mammoth melodies has strengthened yet again.

Featured Tracks:
1. Smoked Ice Cream
2. Hit the Ground Running
3. All She Needs
4. Been Here Before
5. Finger Tips
6. Guitar-y Thing
7. There Is Still Time
8. Alright
9. The Good Fight
10. This Kind of Love
11. Never Alone
12. So Long
13. Carry You
14. Don't Understand

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