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Healer Limited Vinyl LP

by Grouplove

Release Date: 13 March 2020

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Parlophone


Grouplove Healer Limited Vinyl LP


It starts like an alarm. 'Deleter' is the lead track from Grouplove's forthcoming fourth album Healer, and it is an emergency opener. It's fuelled by pounding keys, squalling guitar lines, and lightning drumming before the voice of Christian Zucconi questions everything around him: faith systems, his sense of belonging, communities, his own psyche. “All this time I thought you were a leader/It turns out you're only a deleter.” It could be interpreted as a political statement, but it's also highly personal. “All this time been burning with a fever / It turns out I've always been my healer,” is also switched in as a rhyming line, and in the end sees Zucconi and his collaborator, wife and frontwoman Hannah Hooper realizing that amid every progression and every regression you always come back to yourself for the answers. They're already within you

Today in a cafe in their LA neighborhood of Silver Lake, the pair sit down as two people who have experienced and borne witness to a great deal of change, trauma and growth in the past three years. You may associate the band as a beacon for positivity and optimism. They're still a five-piece – albeit with a new drummer in Ben Homola – and at their core, remain a vessel for looking at the glass half full. Hence their opening sentiment: a rallying cry for tearing down false idols and building anew

It's been almost ten years since Grouplove met on a commune in Greece and brought the idea of themselves being a band back to California. They'd never have anticipated making it this far. Healer represents a re-birth and one that almost comes full circle to their initial idealism. “When we all met in Greece, Christian and I were leaving New York at an all-time low. We just wanted to have a fun summer. We wanted to make art. And we're still doing that. We found that feeling again on this album, of hopelessness put into a medium of expression.”

“This album is us fighting for that feeling,” says Hannah.” There's a darkness that's real and everyone deals with it at a certain point in their life. “We’re addressing that life is hard. We understand and we are going through it with you.”

Featured Tracks:

1. Deleter
2. Inside Out
3. Expectations
4. The Great Unknown
5. Youth
6. Places
7. Promises
8. Ahead of Myself
9. Hail to the Queen
10. Burial
11. This is Everything

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