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Goddess of Doom Limited 12 Inch Single

by Reverend Bizarre

Release Date: 24 November 2008

Format: 12inch Vinyl Single

Label: Spinefarm


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The Reverend Bizarre Goddess of Doom Limited 12 Inch Single.
This exclusive release is limited to 500 copies only.

Sadly, the Reverend Bizarre are no more, but the last ever release is a very limited edition 12-inch single - 'The Goddess Of Doom' (a tribute to actress Christina Ricci) and 'Dunkelheit'.
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The Goddess Of Doom’ 12” – a tribute to US actress Christina Ricci, whose picture (a painting by frontman Albert Witchfinder himself) naturally adorns the sleeve – will be available in the UK only and is restricted to a single run of 500. The single features the epic 13 minute “Goddess of Doom” masterpiece track, as well as a cover of Burzum’s “Dunkelheit”.

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