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Gaucho Limited 180gram Remastered Vinyl LP

by Steely Dan

Release Date: 29 September 2008

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Universal


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Steely Dan Gaucho Limited 180gram Remastered Vinyl LP.

Whisper it - vinyl,celebrating its 60th birthday this very year, is sexy again.Although analysts and naysayers have predicted its demise for the last half-century, the good old vinyl albumsimply refuses to roll over and die as hi-fi purists,DJs, young hipsters and simply those with a keen sense of history continue to argue its corner as themost emotionally-charged and sonically-rich means of hearing your favourite tracks.

As methods of music carriage grow ever tinier andconceptual, the romance of the album grows more compelling with the passage of time; the rituals and reminiscences attached. The artwork, the inner sleeve, the sheer size of the package,all take on potency as
time passes. The limitations of the formatmeant that every masterwork had to come in around the 40minute mark,and because there was no self-programming, the only running order you knew was the one that was painstakingly concocted in the studio. Thatís why
itís impossible to hear Visions from Stevie Wonderís Innervisions without waiting to hear Living For The City about to start,or getting ready for Blue Condition to end on Disraeli Gears by Creamso you could hear Tales Of Brave Ulysses. If you wanted to skip a track,
you had to get up off your backside tomove the needle on.And that ,of course, was all part of the love affair.And now,according to Billboard, there is a growing generation who are eschewing CD altogether and plumping instead for a vinyl version and a download instead.

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the long-playing record,Universal Music Group is delighted to announce the release of 80 titles (in four batches) on much-loved 30cm black vinyl across 2008, starting with the first batch of 20 titles in July 2008.All will be exact replicas of the original packages.Classics of the past sixty years will be available again!
But this is no tmerely some history exercise for dewy-eyed oldies. Each album contains a voucher enabling the purchaser to download MP3 versions of the songs within. The releases will begin in July.

Itís time to embrace the past as we march into the future!

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