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Frantic Limited Vinyl LP

by Gun

Release Date: 23 March 2015

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Caroline International / Gun


Gun Frantic Limited Vinyl LP

Opener 'Let It Shine' radiates with gospel feel-good rock n roll while 'Beautiful Smile' roars with hard rock urgency. Lead single 'Labour Of Life' is a fast paced pop anthem which shows the band's ability to cross over with stunning pop sensibilities. Title track 'Frantic' is a slower number filled with full string section which compliment Dante Gizzi's haunting vocals. 'Frantic' is filled with no fillers, power, energy, and is refined and rough at the same time. Gun's singer Dante Gizzi has expressed all his enthusiasm about the new album: "We've had such an amazing time recording this album and had the privilege of recording it in some of the most prestigious studios across Europe, such as Sarm in London, ICP studios in Brussels and also on home turf at the fabulous Gorbals Sound in Glasgow . We believe that this album has captured the Gun style in every way and we hope the fans will love it as much as we've loved recording it!" The album channels all the different styles of their previous records to create a brand new sound and direction for the band. The album was produced by Simon Bloor and mixed by Tim Weidner (Trevor Horn's music team) GUN's contemporary take on authentic rock gave them an edge over their peers. Formed in Glasgow by the Gizzi brothers, they came to re-invent the rock 'n' roll genre. In September 2010, their debut album "Taking On The World" was included in Classic Rock magazine's list of the 150 Greatest Debut Albums of All Time. Over the years the band had many guest slots with acts such as; The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Simple Minds, Bryan Adams and Def Leppard. With critically acclaimed albums, singles, many awards and lineup changes under their belt, GUN decided to call it a day in 1998. The band reformed in 2012 with their acclaimed 'Break The Silence' album, that year also saw them go down a storm at Download festival.

Featured Tracks:
1. Let It Shine
2. Labour of Life
3. Beautiful Smile
4. One Wrong Turn
5. Our Time
6. Frantic
7. Hold Your Head Up
8. Big City
9. Seraphina
10. Never Knew What I Had