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For Crying Out Loud Limited Vinyl LP

by Kasabian

Release Date: 05 May 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Sony


Kasabian For Crying Out Loud Limited Vinyl LP

Kasabian are back with an explosive, career best album brimming with confidence, swagger and huge tunes. ‘For Crying Out Loud’, their sixth studio album, is released May 5th on Columbia Records.
Written and produced by Kasabian wizard Serge Pizzorno, and recorded at the Sergery, his Leicester studio, ‘For Crying Out Loud’ features 12 tracks that encapsulate everything that makes Kasabian one of this country’s best ever bands. First single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ is a big, fat pop song with an irrepressible hook. Other highlights include the soon-to-be-summer-anthem ‘Bless This Acid House’, the contagious ‘Good Fight’ and the rock steady angst of ‘’Ill Ray (the King)’. Lead singer Tom Meighan has never sounded so good, wrapping himself around the addictive hooks.
“I decided to give myself six weeks to write an album like they used to do back in the day and that became really inspiring” Serge recalls. “I made sure there was no fat on anything, it was going to be classic songs, no self-indulgence, nothing was going on there that shouldn’t. I’d heard Berry Gordy had said if you’ve not got them in the first four bars then you’re finished, so I went in with this old school attitude of song-writing.”
Following the more electronic direction on 2014’s ‘48:13’ Kasabian were keen to make a truly great guitar album. “We wanted to make a very positive album full of hope with guitars to remind people that it’s still relevant,” Serge said.

Featured Tracks:
1. Ill Ray (The King)
2. You're In Love With a Psycho
3. Twentyfourseven
4. Good Fight
5. Wasted
6. Comeback Kid
7. The Party Never Ends
8. Are You Looking for Action?
9. All Through the Night
10. Sixteen Blocks
11. Bless This Acid House
12. Put Your Life On It

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