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Fool's Paradise Limited Vinyl LP

by Cold Specks

Release Date: 22 September 2017

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Arts & Crafts


Cold Specks Fool's Paradise Limited Vinyl LP

"Ladan Hussein, known on stage as Cold Specks has returned with her most personal work yet with Fool's Paradise. The artist recognized for her enthralling lyrics and distinctive soulful voice, has dug deep and returned to her roots. In this masterful body of work, Cold Specks intimately explores her identity as a Somali-Canadian woman.
She’s unveiled and allowed herself to stretch her palette thematically. The rawness that’s deemed Cold Specks a dark soul, has revealed itself to be a cathartic afterglow, illuminating the sort of light born through healing."

Featured Tracks:
Fool's Paradise
Wild Card
Ancient Habits
New Moon
Two Worlds

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