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Fatalism Limited Silver/Clear Split White Splattered Vinyl LP

by Polaris

Release Date: 01 September 2023

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Sharptone


Polaris Fatalism Limited Silver/Clear Split White Splattered Vinyl LP


When it came time to make their second album, The Death Of Me (2020), Sydney metalcore outfit Polaris knew they had a tall order on their hands. Its predecessor, 2017 debut The Mortal Coil, was an ARIA-nominated, Top 10 hit in Australia, introducing the group to legions of fans around the country and, thanks to an extensive international touring schedule, the world.

“We wanted to walk a line between maintaining what’s defined our band and brought people to our music in the first place, while trying to write for ourselves and keep ourselves interested,” begins drummer Daniel Furnari, one of the main songwriters in the unit. “Being our second full-length, we knew it was important for us to surprise the listener as well - nobody wants to hear the same record twice. We wanted to give them things they wouldn’t expect, take them to new places, but also for it to be definitively a Polaris record, building on what we’ve been working towards.”

While writing The Death Of Me each member was coming to terms with their world being turned upside down by the success of their debut. After all, when Furnari co-founded Polaris in Southern Sydney in 2012 with vocalist Jamie Hails, guitarist Rick Schneider and bassist/vocalist Jake Steinhauser – lead guitarist Ryan Siew joined in 2013 – they spent the next five years as a strictly local, underground concern. Now they’d been thrust into a life of international touring, complete with the euphoric highs of sold out shows and the crushing lows that happen in the silence that follows.

Indeed in the five years since The Mortal Coil, Polaris have embarked on three sold-out headlining tours of Australia, as well as supporting Architects and Parkway Drive around the country; five runs throughout Europe (including a series of arena shows supporting Architects and a slew of high-profile summer festival spots); three separate US tours; not to mention performing at the Download Festival (they return to Donington this year) and Unify Gathering in Australia. Somewhere in there, the quintet found time to write their third full-length Fatalism.“We’ve experienced more of the world and gone out of our comfort zone, and I think that’s now audible in the music,” says Furnari. “I think we’ve stretched the envelope further in every direction of what we consider to be our sound.”

Recorded in Melbourne their 3rd studio album ‘Fatalism’, due for release on September 1st via SharpTone Records,rides the wave of a highly successful EU/UK tour at the end of 2022.For their latest work the New South Wales band utilizes all the tools (melodic hooks, electronics, soundscapes) in their arsenal to deliver a riff-laden record that pushes them to new

Featured Tracks:

1 Harbinger
2 Nightmare
3 Parasites
4 Overflow
5 With Regards
6 Inhumane
7 The Crossfire
8 Dissipate
9 Aftertouch
10 Fault Line
11 All in Vain

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