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by Patten

Release Date: 24 February 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Warp Records


Patten ESTOILE NAIANT Limited Vinyl LP

· Warp Records release ‘ESTOILE NAIANT’, the new album from
visionary musician and producer, patten.
· The new album forms a key turning point in patten’s catalogue, connecting the dots between early self-released CDRs of delicately interlocking instrumentals and highly textured and detailed beat-led compositions explored on 2013’s surprise ‘EOLIAN INSTATE’ EP.
· The new full length sees patten step out of the shadows and into a full focus as a British producer of impending resonance.
· Where rare forces like Bjork, Sade, Tricky, Ramelzee and Steve Reich have fused an immersion in the avant garde with a sympathy for the everyday language of the radio, the club, the boombox, the Walkman; patten speaks in a musical language that makes these distinctions seem permeable once again. This clarity of approach and distinctive melodic and rhythmic sensibility sees a psychedelicallytinged pop characteristic shine through his forward-thinking sonics.
· The on-going visual collaborations with artist Jane Eastlight further express this generous, outward reaching, satisfyingly mind-altering approach, with sleeve artwork, videos and even apparel developing and extending the characteristics of the music into all avenues of contemporary culture.
· patten’s world is without boundaries or genre, and instead is one which has the lysergic experience of what it is to be a living breathing human here, now, today at its core.
· Fresh from his successful live performance at the acclaimed Warp x Tate Britain event.
· “Brain-meltingly good” - Dazed & Confused
· “Warped, woozy take on electronics” - Clash
· “Strangely meditative” - The Skinny
· “The album radiates masterpiece” - Playground

Featured Tracks:

1. Gold Arc
2. Here Always
3. Drift
4. Winter Strobing
5. Softer
6. Pathways
7. 23-45
8. Key Embedded
9. Agen
10. LL2