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Electrode Limited Vinyl LP

by Martial Solal joue Michel Magn

Release Date: 14 April 2014

Format: LP Vinyl

Label: Finders Keepers Records


Martial Solal joue Michel Magne Electrode Limited Vinyl LP

· A record of huge significance to the Finders Keepers family, this quintessential Cacophonic release documents the first full-length LP commission for the young Jean-Claude Vannier in collaboration with Musique Tachiste experimental score pioneer Michel Magne (owner of the Château d’Hérouville studio which has hosted Bowie, Pink Floyd,
Magma amongst others). The first appearance of Vannier’s signature ethnic strings appear alongside Magne’s oblique co-writes with French jazz piano legend Martial Solal for this early benchmark in conceptual French music.
· Bringing together two of Finders Keepers leading artists, longtime critical favourites and out-and-out pioneers of the French conceptual rock scene that Finders Keepers often refer to as the No-No years, Cacophonic are proud to present this rare collaboration between Jean-Claude Vannier and Michel Magne along with pianist Martial Solal for the pioneering ‘Electrode’ album from 1967. As the creators
of the albums that launched both the Finders Keepers and
Cacophonic labels respectively it is plain to see how this early album represents a historic keystone in our precious roster.
· ‘Electrode’ also documents the first professional job as an album arranger for the young Vannier, working under two of his heroes, at the tender age of twenty four (some five years before he cemented his relationship with Serge Gainsbourg providing the music for the celebrated ‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’).
· Marking the earliest example of Vannier’s evident penchant for ethnic influenced string arrangements (inspired by his early studio work with Algerian musicians) ‘Electrode’s elaborate introductions drew comparisons to the orchestral elements in the Don Cherry / Ronald Frangipane score for Jodorowsky’s ‘Holy Mountain’, complete with its fervent anti-pop overtones. This one-off patchwork arrangement of
brooding cinematic flair, anti-concrete soundscapes and free jazz piano flirtations represents each of these important artists in equal proportions and serves as a direct meeting of Vannier’s ‘L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches’ and Magne’s ‘Musique Tachiste’ with the privileged inclusion of one of France’s most lauded jazz pianists Martial Solal, a mantle shared only, some say, by Francois Tusques.
· An essential prototypal release for the expanding Cacophonic label, remastered from the original master tapes with the full co-operation of EMI France.

Featured Tracks:
Air Liquide
Rose des Vents
Poignée de Soleil